Mr Gimble and Garfield

Had a dream where I was in town playing a game on the PSP. I can’t remember what game; in fact I don’t think I even saw it.

Mike and Laura, meanwhile, were at my house playing a wrestling game and going through the wrestlers that I’d created. These included Lion O (a cat), Garfield (just head of a cat, like the Cheshire Cat but sillier), Egg and Chips (which was just a fried egg with chips for legs) and Mr Gimble (just a pair of hands).

When I got home from town, Laura and I walked the dog while Mike watched some TV. After a while, he changed the channel and Britain’s Got Talent came on. The first act up was… me! I did a song – I don’t remember what song it was – and then my nan did a dance. Finally, my Grandad did a monologue about his experience during the war. It was a really moving piece. There was a screen in the background playing clips and projectors above him projecting planes down on the stage. His story was quite emotional and at the end he got a standing ovation and lots of people went up to praise him. It was a really nice moment.

Finally, I’ve made a note that says:

German tiny weather tries to turn big but when he does, his clothes are too tight so he stays small

… I have no idea what that was about.

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