“My face resembles that of a murderer.”

I wasn’t in my dream last night. Instead there was a young girl and a younger boy. I’d say they were probably brother and sister. They were walking down the road and came across a magic shop. They went in and had a look around before being greeted by the owner of the shop. The shopkeeper was an eccentric looking man who wore a white mask on his face. “My face resembles that of a murderer,” he explained.

The shopkeeper showed them a few masks that he offered for sale. The girl said she was unhappy at school and he advised her to wear what she liked as it didn’t matter what people thought.

The next day, the young girl turned up to school in a clown outfit – a brown hat, purple/green check jacket, baggy purple trousers and white trainers. The teacher said if the girl wanted to be dressed like that she would have to pay £10, which she did to much applause from her classmates.

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