My hand goes through

Whilst on holiday with a few friends, I got a message on Reddit from the singer Rihanna saying my website has posted false news about her. I looked and it was spam. It was drawing names from people I’d spoken to on Reddit and making up news about them. I said I’d look at it when I got home.

While we were waiting for the coach, I asked where my coat was and we looked for it in the bags. We eventually found it in Nelson’s bag. I was so relieved I gave him a hug.

When I got home, I went to have a bath and then suddenly remembered about the website issue. I ran upstairs and ran at my door, but it didn’t open. I jumped at it, but there was someone behind it. I then heard mother let out a little scream downstairs. I asked what was up and heard her say “My hand goes through.”

Then I woke up

There was also a bit where I was with a group of people helping to move a load of boxes across a bridge and into a van. While I was waiting for the person in front to move, I saw Stan Lee and had a chat to him about some of the things we were moving.

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