Not Sick!

In last night’s dream, I went to a show at the NIA with Mike and my grandad. Grandad found some seats, but they were really far back, so we looked for better seats. While we were looking, we got talking to two girls and went to sit by them. Also sitting there was a guy called Sam (from school in real life) who started teasing me. At first I didn’t respond, but then I grabbed his arm and put it in a lock. We called Grandad over and he brought my whole family with him.

After the show, we went to a cafe where a guy came and gave us a bunch of free tickets to Gardener’s World Live 2010 – despite the fact that the date said 2012 on the tickets. I asked what year it was and Mother said ‘Edinburgh.’
I replied, ‘Firstly, no it’s not and secondly, Edinburgh is not a month!’

Once we’d finished our lunch, Mike and I went to a birthday party for one of the girls we’d met earlier. A girl called Emily – who’s a YouTuber I follow in real life – was there, so I was quite pleased to meet her. We’d bought the birthday girl a card, but not a present. She opened some of her presents that included a hamburger-themed shower cap and a matching pair of earmuffs. Emily said they were ‘Not sick!’ which was apparently slang for good.

I decided to tell a joke and everyone left the room. We went out into the corridor and found them a few doors down. There was a girl listening in on their conversations and her name was Eve S. Drop (I was quite pleased with that name). We left them to it and went back into the room. After a while they all returned and we all danced. Not long after, Mike’s dad picked us up and dropped us off at a train station with my dog, Zeta. We boarded the train and I managed to get Zeta to sit, which the other passengers were quite impressed by.

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