Picking up cakes

I was at work with a few people I’d gone to college. Mom was also there and she said she was going out to pick some food up for the team. I said I’d help her and a girl called Holly (who I went to college with in real life) joined us. We went to a bakery to get some cakes, but because of COVID we had to queue. While we were queueing, my old college tutor, Adam, came over. He’d let himself go a bit and he asked what I’d been doing. I told him about my job and he seemed jealous.

Mom and I were then called through to the restaurant part of the bakery and seated at a table. I asked about Holly, but mom pointed out she was busy chatting with friends at another table in the corner of the bakery. Mom ordered some food and they brought it over. I had a plate with a bunch of foods on it; salmon, chicken kiev, sausage, hash brown, gammon steak, egg, etc. I ate a bit, but didn’t really want it. Mom left to go to the toilet and I ranted to myself about how I didn’t want any of this food, I’d only come to pick up some cakes. I’d eaten about half of it, so I stuffed the salmon inside a napkin and when mom came back I said I didn’t want anymore.

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