Picking up poop

Had a dream last night in which I was out with Mike, Laura and Shannon. I can’t remember where we were, but we got the bus back. When the the bus was near my house, it turned off where it usually goes and went a different way. I pointed this out and we decided to get off. The bus pulled into a small garden to do a U-turn and we got off to walk the rest of the way home.

We tried to cut through a restaurant, but when we got in, we couldn’t find the exit on the other side. We went up and down both floors of the restaurant, trying to avoid the diners and the waiters, who were no doubt trying to get us to dine there.

After a while I saw my karate instructor, Roger. I told him we were trying to get out, but he told us to stay and ‘explore’ the restaurant, so we all sat down and had a meal. There wasn’t enough chairs, so Mike sat on Laura’s lap. God knows how he didn’t crush her!

After the meal, we managed to get back to my house and played some games. At one point, my dog, Zeta, went out to the toilet. I picked up the poop in a poop bag, but when I chucked it outside it all fell out, so my brother, Lee, and I had to go out and find these little balls of poop. I found a couple and Lee picked them up, but the poop went on his hands, so he got annoyed and said to leave the rest.

Back inside, we found mother talking to nobody. I went into the kitchen where I found Laura and Shannon. Somehow I ended up showing them both some self-defence moves I’d learned in karate.

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