Pink haired parkour

My family and I were in a restaurant choosing between desserts – I think it was different flavour bau buns, as I’d seen them on The Apprentice in real life that evening. I had on that was lemon and blueberry. Nan took ages to order, ruling out each flavour and with a detailed description why, which annoyed everyone but made me laugh.

Later I was leaving my job in an office and locked up behind me, putting a code in a number pad. I put the wrong code in first and had to redo it. A woman came over and said she had an appointment with someone inside. I started to open up again but remembered everyone had gone home, so I told her that and she reluctantly left, but hung around the car park. Mark Zuckerberg was there and a bit drunk. People were shouting heckles at him and he was getting mad. I took him over to a bench and sat him down. I tried to distract him by getting him to explain some algorithms to me.

Later I was going home and had a backpack that had two metal handles that I could swing round to the front so it looked like I had a jet pack. I ran fast pretending I had a jet pack. When I got near my old school, I slowed down. I then saw Peter Capaldi walking towards the school and walked a few yards behind him.

When we got to the school I saw my nephew, Max. We had a chat and then had to go inside the church for something. On the way out, I saw Capaldi again, sitting down by the door. I said nothing but then outside I excitedly told a few people including Max.

I saw a nice looking girl with pink hair, arm tattoos and a brown satchel bag talking to a black guy. I quite liked her, but I knew that she was notorious for sleeping around, so I wasn’t keen to pursue anything with her. She climbed up onto a bunch of dining chairs, that were surrounded and covered with piles of rocks, and shouted “Parkour!” She began to climb across and started off okay, but got stuck half way. Her boyfriend didn’t bother to help her and I was nearby, so I helped guide her and held my arms out behind her to keep her steady and catch me if I fell. She cried out cheerily that I was her new best friend and when she reached the end she was happy that she’d done it. I quietly reassured the guy I want trying to steal his girl and said they looked good together. Secretly I did kinda hope she liked me.

Finally, Mike and I were filming a sketch on my phone to send to my grandad. The premise was I was a dentist and Mike was a patient come back to complain his teeth had fallen out. The first couple of times he did it, he came “into the office” and lay down on his side. He was wearing a gold shiny singlet at the time. I told him he needed to put normal clothes on and walk in. He reluctantly did so, but he was quite chipper, so I told him he needed to be angry, as his character’s teeth had fallen out and it was my character’s fault. Eventually he got it and we filmed a bit, but then I noticed a red light flashing on my phone. I checked and the battery was flat. I charged it up and when it came back on, I saw it hadn’t recorded any of it. So we had to do it all over again.