Public Bathroom

I remember was one bit that was especially funny.

The funny bit was this: I went to the toilet in a public bathroom, and all that was between me and the world was a shower curtain. And of course, a little kid came and opened the curtain, but rather than shout I just waved at him and said “Can you shut it now please?” and he shook his head and opened the curtain fully. Everyone walking past stopped and stared at me as I was sitting having a poo. Then I spotted Sean Hawthorn and waved to him. He came over and said “Wow, you go easily don’t you.”

The rest of the dream was pretty mundane. I was on a coach trip with mother to Wales, but we’d met up with our friends there who live in Spain. At the end we were in this big theatre/bar and as we were leaving the lights all went down and a spotlight came on just by us, so we had to duck. And then the announcer said the coach driver was coming and when the driver came through the doors we all cheered and he started crying. A loud woman then did a little thank you speech to the driver, stopping half way to ask if Mother and I wanted a seat (“Nah, we’re fine with cramp.” I said) and then after a while I just walked out cos she was boring me.

Then later there was another bit with a toilet, where I was in the toilet and a man was looking for me, he was going to kill me or something. He was going along the toilet cubicles and opening the doors to see who was inside. I thought I was safe for a while, until Mike climbed on the sink and started singing La Mer at the top of his voice. I tried to shut him up and after a while the guy caught on and was heading straight to our cubicle. But then Mike climbed over the wall and into the next cubicle, so the guy went there and I managed to escape. So thanks for that Michael.

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