Me, Mike, Lee Mack and Goodwin were going on holiday
We had to catch a train
A guy working at the station recognised me from last year
He took me outside and showed me he’d written my name on a green postbox (which was already covered in names)
I took some photos and got Mike to take a photo of me and the guy
We got our tickets, but had to go to a different station to get the train
We went outside and into the Bullring
We cut through Poundland
The others stopped to look at things and I had to rally them together
We had to come out to go round the other side
I was on a little skateboard
We couldn’t remember the way

At work
I was now getting my bag delivered to the office by taxi
I saw the driver pull up so I went and got my bag
There was a blonde girl working with us who I quite liked
There were boxes of Jamie’s stuff in the hall and she complained she couldn’t get past
I moved the boxes out of the way

I was at home in the kitchen making a chocolate egg with Mother to send to my friend Suzanne
We made it and it had the London Underground map printed on the outside
I showed it to Mike and he dropped it and it cracked
Mother said to put it in the bath to melt it slightly, then she could piece it together
I put it in the bath for a few minutes and then gave her the pieces
She moulded it together but all the pattern had gone so it was just plain white
I said to leave it as it didn’t look good

I went to Zooey Deschanel’s house
I rushed in and nearly bumped into her
I went back to the door and came in again
She showed me a coaster with a picture of a Llama wearing a Rastafarian hat and asked if I thought it was cute
I said it was
She had some music on in the background

Later at a party, Zooey led REM singing The Times They Are A-changing
The host, a guy called Richard, asked if there’s any fans of Mike Mills or Peter Buck (bassist and guitarist in REM) in the audience
Mike and Peter decided to do a two part harmony

Mike sang “oh tell me pretty lies, come on come on tell me”
Peter sang “green grow the rushes of your life”

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