At one point in the dream I was at home and the doorbell went. I went downstairs to see who it was and found that the door was already open and a redheaded girl was standing just outside, smoking and facing the road. I didn’t know who she was so I said ‘Hello?’ but she didn’t answer. After several more attempts I shut the door on her, but through the door window I could see she was now looking at me and laughing as if she’d tricked me. So I went upstairs and looked out of mother’s bedroom window and saw her, but then she saw me. So I hid behind the door, watching her walk away.

Another part was based at karate. The instructor had fallen ill, but instead of asking me or one of the black belts to take the class he’d asked this annoying kid. So this kid was taking the class, but he was crap. At one point he got them doing Shuto stance and it fell to me to point out the most important part of the stance is to pull your hip in, like so *pulls hip in*. And after class we all went for a meal. And annoying kid said to another kid “Watch this, I bet you I can make him laugh.” By which he meant me. So he stared at me and started talking gibberish. I was unamused. So to get back at him for being so cocky I leaned right into his face so we were almost touching. And then I pretended to lick his face. He was startled and everyone else laughed at him.

Then I went to get the train to somewhere, but when I got to the station I found I only had my bank card and no money on it. So I asked the train driver to wait while I ran into town, in the rain, and transferred some money onto it. There was also a boy and a girl in M&S sweaters that wished me luck and said they’d stall the train driver for me.

There were other parts too that I don’t remember. There was, as there always is, a bit in a school.

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