Rockstar Crisps

In cafe shop. I queued up but didn’t know what I wanted. Mike and Dennis competing for my attention. Mike was hugging and licking people. I wanted an Easter chocolate . Went to look for one. Accidentally broke a rabbit ornament so I took it with me to pay for it.

At home I was having a bath in a wheelie bin. I was also trying to clean something we were trying to sell, like a blue plastic step. The doorbell went and out of the window I saw it was one of my brother’s friends dropping something off, so I continued my bath. The bell went again and this time it was my brother and his son Max. I got out of the bath, dried off and put some clothes on. He asked if I had any treats. I opened the cupboard and showed him some mini cheddars and some crisps that looked like Pombears but were Rockstar Crisps. I started singing “Get your rockstar, get your rockstar tonight.” To the tune of Get Your Rocks Off by Primal Scream. There were red and green packets. The red were firestar flavour that Max said he didn’t like.