IT Room

I had a dream last night. As is often the case in my dreams, I was back at school. All the people from school were there. Dennis Wheelan was trying to break a massive pack of polos by leaning them against the wall and running at them (don’t ask). And we had new timetables. My ‘form group’ was called Bravast (or something like that). But the timetables didn’t have any room numbers on. So when it came to third period on the monday I had ICT but no idea where. So I went to the usual 213 and Mr Boylan was there. He told me I was in 323. But he asked me ‘When you get there, can you tell them I’ve fixed the Computer Energy Transfer’.”

So I went up to the third floor. Past Mr Bowden’s room, where I could hear kids shouting ‘gay’ at him. I looked in the room and he had his feet up in the air waving a pink ruler around saying “Ooh Nancy”.
Then I got to 323, which was in the library, and my teacher was Miss Kelly. And everyone was lining up to be registered so I lined up and noticed we were sharing the room with 3 other classes. When I went to sign up she said “Name?” And I said “Ben, and also Mr Boylan’s fixed the Computer Energy Transfer and reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.”
And she looked very confused and said “Okay, well done.”
I’d added the last bit on as a Doctor Who reference.

There was more to the dream, but that’s all I can remember.

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