Silence in the library

Had a dream where I was with the Doctor (from Doctor Who) in a library. We were told on the way in that if anyone in the library hears a loud noise, they die. It was a big library, with wooden walls and tall columns. There were endless rows of old-looking books and several wooden desks with desk lamps on them. The place was quite busy, with many people looking for books and others sat at the desks reading them.

I had my headphones in, listening to an audio book on my iPod. As we walked across the room, the Doctor whispered to me to take them out. I couldn’t quite hear, because he was whispering, but a few other people heard and shushed us. He gestured for me to remove the headphones and I did so.

When we got to the other end of the library, we found an old woman who was the owner of the library. He pointed to a control panel and the Doctor seemed to know what to do. He simultaneously pushed a button with an asterisk on and another button with a minus symbol on. This paused the room. It went quiet – well, quieter than the silence it had been in – and everybody stopped moving. The owner started begging the Doctor to help them and take the curse off the library. They both spoke quickly, as the room would be back to normal soon. She asked the Doctor if he had heard from the Time Lords, but he said he hadn’t. While they were talking, I ate some chips.

Suddenly, the room went back to normal. This startled me and I dropped the plate of chips I was holding. A woman stood nearby suddenly froze and dropped down dead. The Doctor said he needed to scan the library and apologised in advance. He walked around scanning with his sonic screwdriver. He had put it on ‘quiet mode’ but it still made a little buzz. A few people, including a young boy, died at the sound of the noise. The look of panic grew on the Doctor’s face.

Then it cut to me on my phone tweeting: “I’m loving this. Such a creepy concept. #DoctorWho #tardis #EleventhDoctor”

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