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I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs.


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So Pretentious

An original song inspired by my struggle to write serious lyrics that don’t sound pretentious.

While Magikarp Gently Sleeps

A Pokémon themed parody of While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles. I do not own the rights to the music, but it was all recorded by myself and a friend.  


The story of a feline superhero with the powers of a human being.

The Elephant in the Room

I was sitting strumming on the guitar and thought it sounded quite nice, but I didn’t have any ideas for lyrics. I looked through my old notes and came across an idea for a song about talking to the metaphorical elephant in the room and asking him to leave. I thought this was a neat…

So Sweet

I was listening to Lenka whilst at work and my boss pointed out how ‘sweet’ her music was, saying “It’s like the musical equivalent of eating candy floss.” This gave me an idea for a song about someone who’s so sweet that it could actually be bad for your health to be with her.

The Boy Don’t Dance

I came up with this song while I was playing my pocket ukulele in Bulgaria. The song is somewhat autobiographical. I’ve never been one for dancing and I usually do end up sat in the corner on my own. I don’t mind though. The only time I’ve really danced was at a Molotov Jukebox gig.…

Just a Song

I came up with some really nice music and couldn’t think of any lyrics, so I wrote a song about being unable to write a song… as you do.

Blitzen the Acrophobic Reindeer

Every year I try and write a Christmas song and this year I got to thinking… there’s quite a few songs about Rudolph and how he overcame his struggle with having a bright red nose. But what about the other reindeer? What if they had their own issues that we don’t know about?

I Must Be Psychic

A song celebrating the good, honest work that psychic mediums do and the vital role that the dead play in giving us cryptic clues about who they are.


I don’t often write songs that are autobiographical or deal with feelings and emotions, but I started writing this a couple of years ago when I was going through depression. I was very down and didn’t know what I was doing with my life or where my life was going. I came up with the…

I Want to Grate Cheese (parody)

A parody of I Want to Break Free by Queen. I don’t actually like cheese all that much, but it seemed like a fun parody to do. And once I’d got the idea of a little Freddie Mercury and Brian May made out of cheese in my head, I couldn’t resist making a video to…


I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash a lot recently and found myself strumming along on the guitar and wanting to write a song in a similar style. I was noodling on the guitar and came up with the riff. I started strumming and didn’t have a clue what I was going to write about, but…