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I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs.


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Under the Floorboards (parody)

A fun/disturbing little parody of the Drifters classic Under the Boardwalk.

Humming a Song

I originally wrote this song on the ukulele, but having recently bought a guitar, I thought I’d try and arrange it for guitar to get a bit of a fuller sound. The song is about those times when you get a song stuck in your head and you haven’t a clue who what it’s called,…

Superstitious Song

I’m not superstitious and, touch wood, I never will be. But I find superstitions interesting. How people change their behaviour based on irrational beliefs. I wanted to write a song around the theme, so I decided to write a song about someone who experiences loads of these superstitions all at once.

Variations on a kids TV theme

I love children’s TV. I watched a lot of cartoons and shows when I was young and now I’ve started watching cartoons with my nephew, I’ve found myself revisiting some classics. A lot of the nostalgia for me lies in the theme tunes. The songs that we heard every Saturday morning that got stuck in…

I Am Falling

This was the second song I wrote on the ukulele, back when I was about 17.

Open mic night at The Actress and Bishop

I recently played an open mic night at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham. This is the footage.

Easter Song

An easter song I wrote with my good friend Laura.

Taking it all the wrong way

I rarely write songs that are autobiographical or true, but this one is. Kind of. A little bit. I often get very paranoid and over analyse the slightest of compliments, so that’s what my latest song is about. Enjoy!

Girl of my dreams

If my imagination creates the perfect girl for me, then how can anyone in real life compete? That’s what this song is about.

A Love Song (good enough for you)

This is, at the time of writing, the first and only love song I’ve ever written. I’d tried many times, but never been able to write a decent love song that was worthy of singing to a girl, but I always ended up making them silly or adding loads of jokes. So in the end…

Drop The Calories

This year’s festive tune is a parody of Stop the Cavalry (by Jona Lewie) all about eating too much over Christmas. I had so much fun filming this with Mike, Laura and Shannon. A lot of it was improvised on the day. And yes, it was very cold lying in the snow, but I really…

jackie parody happy pharrell williams

Jackie (parody of Happy)

A parody of Happy by Pharrell Williams about the Doctor Who character Jackie Tyler.