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I play the ukulele, piano and guitar... and I write my own songs.


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700 years 7 lukas graham

700 years (parody of 7 Years)

A Doctor Who themed parody of 7 Years by Lukas Graham.

Hard To Get

I wrote this during my lunch break at work because I’d just bought a new ukulele and wanted to try it out. The song is based on one of my favourite Morecambe and Wise jokes – “She played hard to get y’know… married another fella.”

where's commander strax captain kirk

Where’s Commander Strax (parody)

This was originally going to be about everyone’s favourite Sontaran warrior/nurse/butler, Strax from Doctor Who, but I realised it sounded a lot like Where’s Captain Kirk by Spizzenergi (although I focused more on the R.E.M. version) so I decided to make it a parody instead.

tears for clara

Tears For Clara

When Clara died in Face The Raven, it was the first time I’d ever cried at an episode of Doctor Who. However, when the Doctor saved her in Hell Bent, I felt cheated. The death had been a poignant moment and the first time a companion had died in the new series, but since the…

Open Mic Night at the Actress And Bishop

Open Mic Night at the Actress And Bishop

The other night I did an Open Mic Night at the Actress And Bishop in Birmingham. I’d done a few at the Roadhouse, so I was excited to play somewhere new. It went okay, got a few laughs.

Open mic night at The Roadhouse

This was my first proper open mic night and it was one of the greatest moments of my life this far. I’d only ever played a couple of my songs live once at a friend’s charity thing, so I was terrified. But I just remembered what Lemony Snicket says: “Do the scary thing first and…

First live performance

I’ve been writing songs since I was about 17, but I rarely ever played them to anyone. I wrote songs to entertain myself and occasionally played them to my close friends. But I recently decided that I’d had enough of writing songs that nobody heard, so I decided to try out performing live. I invited…