Starry Night on a Tuesday

I went for drinks with the family and when we were nearly finished, Matt from work said he’d drop me at school. He wanted a cup of tea first though, so I went and got changed into a makeshift school uniform with a black blazer with a red Flash shirt.

I arrived at school when the day had just started, but I didn’t know what lessons I had because it was the start of a new year. I wandered around the school for a bit looking for people I recognised so I could follow them. Eventually I realised I could get the new timetable from reception. I went and asked for one and the woman printed me one off.

The lessons included physics, maths, Gary and Starry Night. It only had room details for Monday, the rest just had lesson names (like an accordion) and since it was a Tuesday, I didn’t know where any of the lessons were. I’d already missed Gary, so I figured I’d go and get some food and come back for the second lesson, Starry Night.

I walked up to McDonald’s, but on the way I realised I could login online and get my timetable up on my phone. I decided to go back to the lesson and tell them I had a hospital appointment – I’d just come from a scan or something.

I walk back quickly and checked my phone. There was a bunch of kids also walking down the road. They looked like rough types. One of them saw my phone and said he was going to try and take it. He said he sold phones on I just carried on walking, now a little faster, and got back before he could take it.

I then had visions of him chasing people into their homes to get their phones and them trying to close the door on him. I thought if they opened and closed it quickly enough, they could knock him out.

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