Stephanie Coral

It started when me and Mike went to some German event in town. It was outside and we were sat by the town hall. A german bloke came up and started dancing and Mike ordered a cake from him. Suddenly everyone had a blueberry cake, but it was in a pyrex jug. Mike had custard on his but the girl behind, who we later found out was called Stephanie Coral, didn’t have any custard. Mike offered to go get her some but she passed. So Mike was really enjoying the event and I was bored. The girl, Stephanie, said to me “Are you enjoying it?” So I lied “Oh… yeah, it’s great.” And she said “Really?” So I said “God no.”
She chuckled and said “Neither am I. Fancy a dip?” And gestured that me and her leave. She said it quite suggestively and it sounded like she was suggesting doing something quite naughty, so I got a bit excited and said yes.

Cut to us at a swimming pool. “Oh.” I said, realising she was being literal. So we go for a swim, which means I got to see her in a swimming costume. But I’m afraid I can’t share that image, as much as I’d like to. I’m hesitant to get in the pool, but after a few guys start showing off I jump in and do a few laps. Then one guy tries to drown me so I smack his head against the wall. He’s knocked out so I quickly get out cos I’m sure he’ll beat me up. But just as I’m leaving he wakes up and apologises for trying to drown me.

The rest of the dream was then spent with me and Stephanie going around the German market. Then I could feel the dream was coming to an end so I left her and went back to see Mike, who asked if I was okay and if I was going to see her again. I said “Nah. This dream will be over soon so I won’t see her again.”

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