Also, had a cool dream where I was visiting the Doctor in the TARDIS and we went around all the rooms (that we never got to see in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) including an observatory. But then when we were in the library area we saw a Sontaran and found out they were still inside the TARDIS from the episode Invasion Of Time (they got inside the TARDIS but it never showed them leaving). So there was a big battle. We found a part of the TARDIS that was a recreation of an outside city, and there was a perception filter on it so it looked like the rest of the outside world was there. And then 3 of the future Doctors came to help us. They were old men too. And we learnt the only way to kill them was to shoot them in the back of the neck. Which is a way to kill them, but not the only way. We managed to defeat all the Sontarans.

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