Teaching Assistant

Had a weird dream where Mike and I were at a primary school. We were like teaching assistants. And on this particular day we were playing pirates and the kids had weapons and one kid stabbed me in the hand so I punched him in the face.

And there was another kid who wore a grey trenchcoat and hat and he looked a bit like the purple bad guy from Bananaman (see below). And he was like a gang leader in the school. He started threatening me, so I just picked him up and carried him under my arm over to the rest of the kids and said “Look, we don’t have to fight anymore.”
So they all agreed and we all sang ‘If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out’.

And then there was another part where a teacher was scaring the kids saying they weren’t prepared for the ‘end of days’ and Dennis Wheelan (remember him???) asked what he meant and the guy said “It will be raining and thunderstorms constantly and the only song you’ll be able to listen to is Stormy Weather. But you’re not prepared! If that happened tomorrow you’d all die!”


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