I am...

As an assistant editor of a Doctor Who news website, I had some fun adventures of my own.


Comic Con footage trailers

I had attended comic con for many years, and when I joined TGT I thought the event would be a great opportunity to get some content for the website and social media. I took it upon myself to start filming at the event. I managed to get interviews with the stars of the show and spoke to fans. Even though I'd never interviewed anyone before, everyone was very kind and (almost) always happy to speak, so I really came to enjoy it.

Comic Con footage was always great content for the website and often saw a boost in our website visitors and social media following.

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I was lucky enough to interview many stars of Doctor Who over the years, including two Doctors! I'd never interviewed anyone before, and was very nervous and shy, but I pushed myself to do it and was so glad I did, as it was a great experience.

Fan Opinions

As well as speaking to the stars, I thought it was important for us to speak to the fans. This was a good way to ingratiate ourselves within the fanbase and show that we cared about what the fans thought.


I also co-produced a podcast with one of my fellow Whovians. Each episode included latest news, episode review, an original song and a feature segment such as an interview. I wrote the scripted bits, wrote and recorded the song, organised and recorded the interviews and edited it all together.