The birthday meal

We went out for my birthday meal to a Japanese buffet style restaurant. There was only one person there I’d invited, and Laura from work, the rest were people mom had invited.

I went off to get some food. They had a big fridge full of soft drinks and big shelf full of crisps, including bacon flavour crisps, which I planned to try later. I couldn’t find any nice hot food that I liked. I wanted noodles, but they didn’t have any.

Mom came and showed me a couple of boxes on a shelf that were full of Doctor Who figures. She said they usually brought them round to tables for people to buy, so we could choose some now. She kept showing me ones I already had, like Moxx of Balhoon. I couldn’t find any I liked.

Mom’s friend had invited called me up and asked if I wanted them to bring the cake out now. I put her on to mom, got some crisps and went to sit back down

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