The boy and the BFG

I had a dream involving Roald Dahl’s BFG. He was in his house chasing a young human boy around. He thought it was Sophie (the girl from the book) so he was chasing in a playful way, but the boy was running away, along the beams and tables. Before long, they’d ransacked the whole room.

After a while, Sophie appeared and asked for her bike and some coffee. The BFG gave her a small bike but said there was no time for coffee. Sophie was leaving for the train station to go home.

After she’d gone, the BFG and the boy decided to try and stop her. However, when they got to the station, the train had already left. They had to wait until the next train came. When it did, they boarded and a while later they were on their way to Paris. The boy was annoyed that they had missed the train and started swearing. The BFG told the boy that he couldn’t come with him to rescue Sophie if he kept swearing, so the boy apologised and sat in silence.

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