The bum toucher

Mike and I were at a bar queueing up to do something at a desk. I suddenly felt a hand squeeze my bum. I turned around and there were two middle aged ladies – one with long blonde hair and the other with shorter brown hair – and the blonde had her hand on my bum, smiling seductively.

I paused for a second and the brunette said to her friend to stop, but I said “No, I’m not complaining.”

She held my bum while we signed something at the desk and when we finished I walked around behind her and put my hand on her bum. She didn’t protest.

Then a politician came in and told the room that even though our local area hadn’t been involved in something, the whole area still had to be punished, which was why something was happening. I wasn’t really listening. I said quietly into the blonde’s ear “I should probably let go in case they take a photo of me holding your ass.”

Once they’d gone, Mike, the two ladies and I sat at a table having drinks. The blonde’s name was Angela. We flirted a little and made a few jokes.

At one point someone was trying to do something on a computer by the stage area and the computer made the windows startup noise. I said to Mike “Imagine if someone had that as their ringtone and it went off every time they got a message.” Mike thought it was funny and Angela did too, adding something to it herself.

The brunette then told a story and as she did she crossed her legs and I could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Later in the dream, I was walking home across a grassy part and a kid in a window saw me and kept shouting “The karate kid! It’s the guy who played the karate kid!”

I replied “No I’m not! That was Ralph Macchio!” But he persisted and came outside to meet me. A few more kids joined him and one by one they came up and tried to attack me, but I just blocked them and took them down. This added to their delusion that I was the karate kid. One boy even had a hammer, which I easily got off him.

In another part, I was in a school questioning a few kids who were from a rival karate dojo. I’d seen that John Kreese (the villain karate instructor from Cobra Kai) was back and asked the kids one by one for information. I was quite intimidating and each told me a piece of information I wanted to know – that he was back, where he was training and when – which I wrote on a paper cup. But the last wasn’t so willing to talk. The teacher stopped the class and asked me what I was doing. I explained I needed to talk to the kid and she carried on. I asked the kid not to train with Kreese and to come to our dojo instead, but he refused, so I left.