The cafe girl

Mom and I went to a cafe. There was a really nice girl behind the counter who looked like Zendaya when she played MJ in Sider-man, and was similarly cool and quiet. We somehow got talking and hit it off. I’d seen they had live music there, so asked if there was any opportunities for me to play. She said no, but there was a place across the road. I said “But they don’t have you.” She smiled and said she could come watch me play.

After we’d had some tea and food, Mom and I got ready to leave. The girl and her colleague came over to show us some quiz they’d prepared for customers. She talked me through I while her colleague talked mom through it. She didn’t know some of the information and made a few mistakes which made me laugh.

Mom and I left the cafe and I needed a wee, so I sent to a nearby school that I’d been in before in another part of the dream. I went to a room that I knew had a private toilet and opened the door. There were two guys working in there instead of the usual guy who I’d worked with in there, so I apologised and left without going to the toilet.

Later I was at home with the family and the cafe girl was there too. We were all playing a game where she had to spin me round and I did something. I said I needed the toilet, but because I was so dizzy and stumbling round, she helped me into the toilet. Lee, not realising we were in there, shut the door behind us. I said “I didn’t plan that.” She said “I’m glad it happened.”

She leant in and kissed me. It was a short, but nice kiss. She smiled, so I leant in and kissed her back. We shared a couple more kisses and then I had a wee and we left.

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