The dangerous driver

Met up with some friends to see a show. A girl I had a crush on in school, Scarlet, was there. We hugged and chatted a little. We watched the show. It was an “end of course” show for people doing a comedy course that I – and a few of the group I was with – had done. A blonde girl called Sarah noticed the host was doing the same jokes he’d done at our show and I whispered back in agreement.

On the way back, Sarah was driving but kept looking down at a CD case. She was ticking off TV characters who were gay and married or had married pets. She kept swerving, so I shouted at her to focus on driving. I snatched the pen and CD off her.

Then in the dream I woke up and questioned whether that evening had happened or if it was a dream. I figured it was a dream because of seeing Scarlet, but then I checked my bag and found a CD case that looked the same. It turned out to be different though and it had been a dream.

I went downstairs and it was 4pm. I’d slept in all morning and into the afternoon. Mom was putting up Christmas decorations. She said “I thought you got up at 10. That’s why you didn’t respond the other day on WhatsApp.” I questioned it as I didn’t remember and she showed me a photo she’d sent to me and my brother of her at a garden centre and neither of us had responded.

I was just about to come up with an excuse when I woke up.