The Dangerous Driver

I had another A Series Of Unfortunate Events themed dream last night.

I was travelling in a black cab taxi with Violet and Klaus that was driven by Lemony Snicket (it was actually Daniel Handler but we all referred to him as Mr Snicket), who was wearing a flat cap. For some reason that seemed notable.

Violet, Klaus and I had all bought a new book by Lemony Snicket. It looked like one of the ASOUE books, but it was all in grey instead of colour. I was writing a secret message in mine, but I can’t remember what it was.

Snicket pulled up and one by one we asked him to sign our books. Klaus went first, then me. I handed him my book and he wrote a message in it that
was something like “Ben. Enjoy the book, but if you see one of Olaf’s accomplices, make sure you hide. LS”

Before Violet could get her book signed, Snicket drove off. I shouted to him that he’d forgotten her and he turned around to tell us he’d sign it now. However, because he wasn’t looking where he was going, he almost crashed into a wall. Luckily he turned back around just in time and swerved to avoid the wall and a lamppost.

Violet got out and went around to Snicket’s window. She gave him her book and he signed it, but he started to drive off before she could get back into the taxi. She grabbed onto the door and held on, her hair blowing in the wind as the taxi raced down the road. She managed to manouver her way around and climbed inside.

“What an adventure,” I said.
“In the book?” Violet asked.
“No, I mean you getting back in the taxi.”

As we drove on, I flipped through the book. It looked like most books do, with lots of words, but there were also some thick black horizontal lines on some pages (similar to how the page was filled with black in The Ersatz Elevator). I also noticed that instead of the usual illustrations, there were black and white photos of the characters in the Netflix show. But some of the photos had new characters. Then I realised… they were photos from season 3! I saw a photo of Violet and Klaus with Quigley and got quite excited. I wanted to show the others in the taxi, but I didn’t because they may not have wanted spoilers.

At the back of the book, there was also math problems, sheet music and stickers.

In the next part of the dream, Count Olaf was driving fast out in the hinterlands. But the dream also showed clips of two bumbling policemen from a different film who were chasing someone in their police car. It was cut together to make it look like the cops were chasing Olaf, but it didn’t really work as the lighting was different.

It turned out a cartoon magic purple flag (with gold trim around the edges and eyes in the centre) was the one editing them together. It was flying up in the air so it could see both cars and casting small puffs of smoke at each.

Back on the ground, the police car ended up driving onto a Formula 1 track and crashing, so Olaf got away. The flag flew down and I asked it if Olaf would ever be caught.
“One day,” it said.

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