The darkness in the room

I was in a hotel or some sort of communal living place, and each room had something strange about it. Either something wrong with the person inside or something weird happening in the room itself. I think I was just there visiting, I wasn’t there to fix any of it, but while I was there I thought I’d check it out and see if I could help.

The first room was in total darkness, but it wasn’t an absence of light, it was a sentient darkness taking over the room. When I entered, I could just about make out a young girl sitting on the bed. The open door let in light, and the dark disappeared momentarily. I used some device to call back the darkness, and then sucked it away, making the room bright again.

In the next room, there was a guy who looked and sounded like a real life Peter Griffin from Family Guy. It wasn’t him, but it was like he had modelled himself on Peter. That wasn’t the man’s affliction though. His quirk was that he spoke in opposites, always saying the opposite of what he meant. I was made aware of this, so when I greeted him I said “It’s terrible to meet you,” and he smiled happily. We had a little conversation while he was eating, talking in opposites the whole time, then I left.