The David Cameron Dream

The dream started ​off with David Cameron in our office at work. He was talking about ‘the budget’ and was asking me questions that would appear on a TV show. I told him I’d never seen £1,000 before and he offered to show me a bank statement with £1 in to prove that he had been poor once. As we got talking, he grew to like me – the feeling wasn’t necessarily mutual, but still – and said that he would personally help me make £200,000 in a year. I asked him how much he made a year and he melted.

After he’d been swept up, Laura came into the office and we sat eating cookies from Subway and watching Mak try desperately to tear up an envelope, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not rip it.

After a while, I left the office and met mother at the theatre. I ordered some nachos and mother had popcorn with yogurt poured over it. We went into the theatre and Mother sat in seat 304 whilst I sat in 303, which happened to be next to where Mike – who had apparently also turned up – was sitting.

The theatre show was about superheroes, with the first act resolving around a fight between Superman and Spiderman, while the second act was Spiderman vs Venom.

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