The dirty water transportation

I was at a hotel with mom. We were going on holiday and staying in this hotel that was right by the airport.

I woke up really early in the dream, about 5am, so I went for a walk through the hotel. I saw a long pipe (like guttering with the top open) that had running water in it. It led around the hotel and I noticed someone sitting on it to be transported around. I got on it and the current drifted me around the hotel. However, I noticed some lumps of dog poo in the water, which wasn’t great.

When I got to the other end, I was in a room with a large window at one end, through which I could see planes taking off. I wanted to get a video, but just missed the one, so I had to wait for the next one.

I then walked back through the hotel and on the way I saw two kids playing. I ended up joining in playing with them the same way I would with my nephew and niece. The two boys were called Ben and Max. Once we’d finished playing, I pointed out to their dad that my name was Ben and I had a nephew called Max.

There was also a bit where I saw my nephew and niece and they both had chicken pox, with spots all over their face. My nephew has chicken pox in real life.