The Doctors of Heal Street

A superhero in the middle of the road suddenly lost her powers and collapsed, causing a chain reaction of cars crashing into each other. Lots of people were injured, but this road was becoming known for accidents.

Inside one of the cars, a girl and her friends had taken multiple injuries in the collision. She googled on her phone the nearest hospital and it told her the only nearby medical facility was a private surgery on Heal Street, the very next street that ran parallel to this one.

“Turn left here,” she told the her friend who was driving.
“But the hospital is the other way,” he replied.
“This place is quicker,” she said.

They did a u-turn and joined the queue of cars that now lined Heal Street.

Meanwhile, outside the medical practice, a man in a tweed jacket and bow tie was investigating. The Doctor jogged up and down the few steps leading up to the door. He then started looking at the plants and a small stream of clear water. He noticed a gap between the water and the edge of the concrete.

“That’s not right,” he murmured.
“Can I help you?” said a voice from behind. It was a middle aged man, with dark hair that was greying and a slim figure. He spoke very calmly and had an aura of gentleness about him.
“Yes,” said the Docfor, spinning around flamboyantly. “I’m very, very ill and I’m told you can help.”
“That is what I’m here to do sir,” he said with a smile. “Please, come in.”
He led the Doctor inside.

Inside, the Doctor was now a grey-haired man dressed in black.

“I don’t know what you’re doing here,” he said in a Scottish accent. “But I don’t like it, it’s not right.”
“I am simply helping people,” explained the man.
“But all these people, getting injured right outside your doorstep, isn’t that a little convenient?”

Before long, the Doctor had riled the man, who turned nasty. He picked up a steak knife and threw it at the Doctor, who stood still as it missed him by a few inches.

“Ha! You thought I assumed you thought I wasn’t going to move, but you knew I knew that I’d think that so you tried to double bluff me. But guess what, I knew you’d think that, so this is a triple bluff!”

The man grabbed more knifes and started throwing them at the Doctor, who ran around the room dodging them.

I didn’t see who won, because at this point I woke up.

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