The Final Straw

Had a dream last night where I was playing basketball with people I’d known in school and college. We were in a big, dimly lit room with a long strip of laminate flooring down the middle that was the basketball court. Family and friends were sat around the edge of the room watching.

During the game, I was marking a girl called Rachel. I managed to tackle her and she dropped the ball, but it went off the ‘court’. A few minutes later I blocked her again and managed to pass it to someone on my team and we scored.

In the next part of the dream, I was in a hall doing karate. I was partnered with a young kid who was extremely bendy. I have a feeling he was a superhero – he didn’t say he was, but he didn’t exactly hide his abilities. I attacked first and he did the defence perfectly, helped by his bendiness. When he attacked and I did the defence, he kept punching off to the side, so I had to stop him and make him do it right.

While we were training, my mother was talking to a woman at the side of the class in a little kitchen area. At one point the woman went through a door somewhere and then a few seconds later my mother followed. The instructor had been watching them all class and told two guys to go and check them out. The two guys later reported back that my mother and the woman were friends and discussing knitting patterns.

At the end of the class, they made a few announcements. One of them was me being given a job with the NHS. They put a lanyard (with an ID badge on) around my neck like a medal. On my way out, I saw a girl called Annie (from school) and a guy I didn’t know. They also had lanyards on, so I said hello and that I was looking forward to working with them. They said they were excited too, but I think they were only pretending.

Later on, I was in an underground base with a bunch of superheroes. I was sat next to Tony Stark (Iron Man) and at one point his skin started turning green and expanding. He’d apparently obtained the same thing as Hulk and was turning into his own version of the Hulk. We took him down a corridor to a cell to contain him. The corridor was dark and we weren’t allowed to use torches. We put him in a cell and I noticed there were loads of skulls inside. I did ask why, but they didn’t tell me.

In the final part of the dream, I was in a park with Mother. We were in a little garden and I was trying to get a photo of a little rodent. It was brown and looked a bit like a narrow, chubby song ray. It glided across the path and through the shrubs. I got a few photos, but they weren’t great.

Meanwhile, I could hear someone singing in the background. I looked around and saw Homer Simpson with another guy on the other side of the park. He was singing about me taking photos with my mother. I recognised the tune and after a listening for a while I realised he was singing a parody of Final Stray by R.E.M.

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