The flirty blonde

I was on the train sat next to a nice blonde girl. She was really flirty and I was quite shy.

She asked me to read to her and then later asked if I liked sitting next to her. I casually said yes and she said “Is that it?”
So I said “What, you want me to say that I am in heaven sat next to you, gazing at your hair, your eyes and your perfect smile, just wanting to hold you in my arms and stay here forever?”

She smiled and leant in to rest her head on my shoulder.

Later I was going to a restaurant with some friends. One girl there was wearing a very revealing top, with her big breasts almost bursting out. Everyone was commenting on how inappropriately she was dressed.

We went into the restaurant and the waitress said “Is this girl with you? Because I could grow potatoes down there.” as in her cleavage.

We all went over to our table but nobody sat down. I heard the blonde girl from earlier talking to people. She was saying about how much she loved her new boyfriend, who was also with her.

But then she said “Oh, but Ben and I had a very special moment earlier.”

I was worried her boyfriend would get mad at me, so I left.

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