The flu jabs

Mom and I went out walking. I mentioned I’d found an old game and wanted to play it, so asked her to keep an eye out for any shops that might sell old games.

We stopped to get mom’s flu jab. The nurse pointed out that it might cause death. I said to a guy that was quite a bombshell. We chatted about it and I said it was better when nurses were kindly old women. He agreed and said “There’s three types of women. Big tits, little tits and tits you work up to.”

Mom had her jab and then the woman announced I could have mine, so I had it done. Then my niece Halle had her jab. She was very nervous, so I formed a semicircle with a few people an we all held hands to form a barrier so nobody could knock into them.

She had the jab fine and was lying down on the chair. I crouched down and chatted to her and she said she wanted a tattoo of two angles.