The Girl And The Scarf

I had a dream last night where Mike and I were at our school. We got there late, but to make up for it we conducted a number of fake surveys around the playground at lunchtime. At one point we were interviewing two girls. There was, as there often is, a loud one and a nicer, smaller one. Whilst we were speaking, Mike purposely pushed me so I fell forward into the nice girl. I stumbled about and stood up, apologising. We smiled awkwardly at each other. Now, she wasn’t the best looking girl I’ve ever seen, but from the look she gave, I probably wasn’t the most handsome guy she’d ever seen either. However, she was nice enough to inspire a song in real life (more on that later).

The nice girl and I were both quite shy, but talked to each other for a while. Mike, meanwhile, was busy conducting his fake survey with the other girl, who was by now questioning just why he needed to know her favourite tree.

After lunch, we went back to class. I sat next to a girl who was apparently in love with me but I didn’t like her. She got upset and began to tell me our relationship wouldn’t work because she commuted from Africa every day. I went along with it, saying that I’d be sad but I’d get over it. She then revealed that she wasn’t actually a girl, she was a boy. I faked a bit of surprise and then went back to my work.

After school, Mike and I met up with the two girls from earlier and went back to a house – not sure if it was Mike’s house or one of theirs. Again we talked for a while and then the nice girl said she needed to go have a lie down, so she went and had a lie down in one of the bedrooms. Since neither of us really liked the other girl very much – she was very annoying – we left. I was quite annoyed at Mike for some reason, I can’t remember why. He had apparently done something to ‘ruin my chances’ with the nice girl. On our way home, I realised I’d forgotten my scarf, so I went back to the house to get it. The loud girl told me it was in the bedroom where the nice girl was, so I snuck in and quietly picked it up. I then looked at the girl sleeping on the bed, smiled to myself and left.

Now, the thing is, I really liked that dream. I’ve never gotten to that point with a girl I’ve liked in real life, so it made me feel happy. However, I’m not sure if I’ll ever see that girl again. It wasn’t someone I know in real life, it was one of those people that your mind creates, so I don’t even know if she exists. I’m not going to search the globe to try and find her, but I have written a song about wanting to dream of her again, which you can listen to below.

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