The girl on the course

At home watching a film with the family while we were eating – pizza I think. I went upstairs for something, and when I came back down, the TV was off. Someone suggested we watched something else, but my brother said we were already watching this film. I think it was a horror or crime drama. There was a girl there around my age, a few years younger, with dark hair and a pretty face. I saw the girl had no socks on so I tried tickling her but it turned out to be her brother’s feet. My niece, Halle, said something funny about her face and I found it hilarious. I can’t remember what it was, but it sounded very grown up.

Later I was at a course and she was there too. Once we finished, we were talking about meeting up for someone’s birthday. I asked when their birthday was and they said 10 weeks ago.

As we were all preparing to leave, a guy asked a woman out and she said no. I said to him I wish I had his confidence and he said sometimes you’ve just got to do it.

As I was leaving, I saw the girl. She was in the kitchen area, so I followed her in and opened a cupboard door. She looked confused and I pretended I’d thought it was the door. I went over to the door and as I was leaving she said we should keep in touch on some chat thing that doesn’t exist in real life. I said yes, but then decided to stop and chat. I asked her why she was on the course and we had a little chat.