The high and low drug

There was a drug going round that made you go “high” and then brought you down on a real big “low”. I was working with an older woman and young man to try and stop it. I overheard her talking on the phone to him saying she’d got sone more and inviting him round to try it. I went into her house and hid behind some boxes in her bedroom so I could catch them using the drug.

Then later in the dream, we were having a party at my house, for my birthday I think. We were playing a game with baseball bats in the garden and I was in the final three with a guy and a blonde girl. She lost and had to sit out. I then saw her looking really sad and we both asked if she was okay. I asked if she wanted a baseball bat and she said yes.

I ran upstairs to get my Harley Quinn baseball bat, thinking it’d be nice to give her a special one to play with. But when I came back down, everyone had gone. I asked mom where they were and she said there was an a incident with Nan and grandad, basically telling everyone to leave.

I was sad I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone, so I sat down. A few people came back, including the blonde girl who I asked for a hug and got one from. I said goodbye to a few more people, including my nephew’s cousin, who was almost as tall as me. I pointed out how big he’d gotten.