The honey based drink

In this dream, I was at home and the whole team from the Lichfield office at work had come to my house. My colleague, Laura, wasn’t well, so I made her a honey based drink in a frying pan. It consisted of honey, salt and bits of chicken. Laura said sarcastically, ‘I’m sure I’ll feel much better after that.’

Another colleague, Sam, said that he wanted to leave the company. Apparently, he was having to do a course at a funeral directors who were funding his employment and he didn’t like it. At this revelation, everyone else quit too.

After that, I played a game of Ludo with my karate instructor’s wife (as you do).

Then I went outside where Lego Superman flew down and said hello. He had discovered something in my shed and, when we opened it, it turned out to be the Fantastic Four.

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