The Japanese Factory

I went to Japan with a college group. I had a Japanese friend with us. I went exploring, didn’t see much. I followed a map down a road where I waited and called my friend to meet me. He gave me the number for our hotel, which was 123456 12345. I kept getting it wrong when I tried to type it into the pay phone.

When we got to the hotel, we enquired at reception where the best place to get food was. He asked what kind of food and we said snacks. He pulled out some multipacks of chocolate and a giant chocolate bar (like the 800g ones) and offered to sell us one. My friend bought one of the multipacks. The hotel guy then said he’d show us some restaurants.

We then went to a factory where we were going to be working for a few days.

Mom was there too and we chatted about an Easter chocolate project she was working on. She’d asked me to make her some plain eggs, but she’d just put 10.00, which I’d taken to mean 10cm. She later rewrote it as 100.00 and I didn’t know whether she meant 100mm or 100cm. I also told her about a project I had to do at college, but I can’t remember what it was now.

At lunch, I went outside to a small mall. There were only about 10 shops/restaurants, but nearly all of them were shut due to bank holiday. Burger King was open though so I got some fries.

Back in the factory, the boss introduced some new rules. We were only allowed to whisper, and we were allowed 15 minute breaks. There were some more rules but I can’t remember them.

Once he’d told us the new rules, we got back to work. My friend and I had a whispered chat while we worked.