The London Eye

Had a dream last night in which I was visiting London with college. We were walking along the banks of the Thames and my friend Gush and I stopped to look at the London Eye. It wasn’t in its usual position parallel to the river, it was turned 90 degrees. I noticed it slightly lean over the the right about 5 degrees. I pointed it out to Gush and then we watched as it fell back into position. But then, it fell over completely the other way, rolling like a wheel into the Thames.

The pods all dismantled and the people in them escaped. It was chaos all around, with people in the water trying to swim away from the sinking wheel, but being dragged by the rippling current; people on land screaming and taking photos of it; people trying to climb into the water and help the victims. I took a quick photo on my phone and then ran off to regroup with my party and see if there was anything we could do.

The dream then skipped to me at work. I was in an office, but not our usual one. My boss was there along with one of our clients, Tracy. I was busy designing a flyer for an event. I’d drawn an illustration of the place to use as the background, but I’d gone into great, tiny detail. Dave left to do something and when he’d left, Tracy said the flyer was looking good. It wasn’t finished yet, but I was pleased she liked it so far. I put a radio comedy show on over the speakers, but it was a bit loud, so I asked her to turn it down as she was closer to the speaker. She didn’t realise and kept turning it up or off.

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