The Margot Robbie Dream

Had a dream last night that started off in a ‘laser quest’ type place. There were a few superheroes there (I was Batman) and a bunch of villains, as well as a few other random people. We had to try to stop them from escaping (and/or killing us). I had weapons designed to distract them, such as the smoke bomb, so I mainly stayed up in the corner at the top of the stairs throwing smoke bombs down and then throwing batarangs at them.

At one point Harley Quinn (the Suicide Squad version) started targeting me. I managed to distract her and then flew down to take her weapon off her. She overpowered me, so I jumped through a sort of air vent and made my way under the floor and back up to the top of the stairs.

Then a buzzer went off and the lights came on. We all went over to a screen to see our score and there was a ‘breaking news’ announcement that a guy had been killed. The guy in question was a wrestler that was printed on the front of G Force’s shirt (G Force is a wrestler at CCW). He stood in front of the holographic screen and the photo they’d used was the exact same as the one on his top, so he stood by it and it blended in.

We all left the place to go home. We started walking through town and Mike and I were both staring at Harley Quinn lustfully. She was going out with Andrew Garfield (who plays Spider-man) at the time. After a while, we found our car and Harley asked if she could have a lift off us, so we said she could (obviously!).

When we were in the car, she was no longer acting like Harley Quinn, she was Margot Robbie again (the actress who plays her in Suicide Squad, keep up). Since mother – who had apparently turned up – was sitting in between me and Margot, I got my phone out and started playing a game on there. Margot asked a bit about the game and then recommended a game called Star Wars Birds. She tried to find it on her phone, but realised it was on her other phone that she’d left at home. Star Wars Birds later turned out to be a little old book.

We dropped Margot off at a car showroom where she changed into some pyjama bottoms. She wanted to buy a car that was £2,200, but was unsure about it. The salesman explained the difference between this car and another that she’d seen and she was really pleased with him doing that – she said “See, Jeremy Clarkson never explained it like that, but you’ve made it so easy.” – and she bought the car. Because the salesman was a comic fan, he let her have it for £1,200.

She changed into a short pyjama top and said she’d drop me home, which she did. When we got home, she came in for a cup of tea and sat on the sofa fussing my dog. I then got a message off my friend Laura on Skype saying “I’m off now! But, hen news.”
I recognised it was a typo – meant to be ‘then news’ – so I replied “For the day? If so, lucky you. And I do like a bit of hen news.”

And that was pretty much it. I spent the rest of the dream just chatting to Margot Robbie and then at one point I said I wanted to wake up so I could make a note of the dream before I forgot it, so I said goodbye and woke up.

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