The mouldy old chicken sandwich

I was on holiday with Mike and I can’t remember what happened, but I said I’d go home and meet him later.

I was gliding down College Road – an ability I often seem to have in dreams – when I saw an indoor market. I went in to have a look. It was packed with all kind of stuff, but my eye was caught by a display selling Lego. It was a big, round, yellow stand with two tiers that were both split into 4. I was excited because it was mainly minifigures, which are usually quite expensive, but here you filled a cup and weighed it.

A guy called Dan (who I know from karate) was also there looking. I scanned every section and found Doctor Strange, a ghostbuster and a few others. The last one I found was the Twelfth Doctor in his red velvet coat outfit – a figure that doesn’t exist in real life, but should. I was really happy to find that, butDan was annoyed that I’d found all the good ones. I teased him by showing him the figure and saying “sorry” in my best Peter Capaldi impression. I managed to find another of the same Twelfth Doctor figure for him.

I weighed my cup of figures and it wasn’t too expensive – can’t remember how much – so I was chuffed.

Later I was working from home (which I am today in real life) and Matt from work was there. He wanted some milk, so he said he’d go up the road and get some. He asked if we had any money in the petty cash and I wasn’t sure. He then went and had a look in mother’s room and found a couple of quid.

Meanwhile, I had a new 2-disc compilation CD with different rock songs on there. I’d bought it mainly for a couple of rare R.E.M. songs on them. So I was busy copying those on to my laptop.

In another part of the dream, I was back in the office at work with everyone. We were in the front office and my boss, Dave, told Matt to go and have a look in his office. He said it was something disgusting and it turned out to be a mouldy old chicken sandwich that a client had left there the day before.

A few minutes later the client came into the office. It wasn’t the one we’d expected, but Matt thought it was and told him to get rid of the chicken sandwich.

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