The music girl

I was in a school or office building. I walked past a room and saw a girl tidying away lots of recording equipment. I asked if she needed help and she ignored me. I went to leave, but wasn’t sure if she’d heard me, so I asked again and she just looked and smiled. I thought it was a bit rude, so I left, but then I realised I was holding a cable. I rolled it up and went back and put it on the table, not saying anything. She said thank you, which surprised me.

She the said she liked my songs – I’d just played a set apparently – and mentioned one called “the sound of waves” or something similar. She said it sounded familiar, and I said it had been inspired by an existing song. She said she was always accidentally rewriting existing songs when she tried to write and I said I did the same.

We sat down and had a chat. She asked a bit more about my songs and I asked if she wrote. She said she wrote a bit and drew some music notes on a scrap of paper, which I played in the key of A. I said I liked it and I’d like to hear some of her songs, since she’d heard mine already.

It was quite nice. She turned out to be friendly and nice. She was blonde, with nice lips I remember.

Later in the dream, I was at home. I was woken (in the dream) by mom crying “oh my god!” I got up and saw she was referring to a thick layer of snow that had covered the outside overnight. Downstairs, she was putting together a wooden bookcase or something similar.

Upstairs, I decided to write a song about a photography girl, singing about “let’s see what develops” and a line mentioning how she “wasn’t much of a catch” which, in the dream, was a clever line that rhymes with something. It was a simple, catchy song, quite Beatles in style.