The neighbour’s window

I was in my back garden and the neighbour came around. He told me and my brother, Lee, that he’d locked himself out and asked if we could help him climb in through the window. I said yes, because it sounded like a fairly easy task, but Lee pointed out he meant a window on the second floor which didn’t open. I said we couldn’t, so the neighbour just climbed up over our fence and started climbing the house.

Later, I was still in the garden and my dog, Zeta, was sniffing around. She saw a squirrel run past our shed along the fence, so she ran around and started jumping up to try and get it. She does this in real life, but in the dream she jumped and pretty much cleared the 6 foot fence, only stopped by the tree branches. I called her and told her to leave the squirrel, which she eventually did.