The Ortega blind date

I was at school and saw Jenny Ortega (the actress who plays Wednesday).

The school was doing blind dates, so I signed up for it. I went on a couple, including one with a guy who insisted we carry a big giant mat around town. Then finally I got a date with Jenny. We cycled around town and chatted a bit.

Then it came time to fill in our sheets. As we bent down to get our sheets, I tried to brush my mouth against Jenny’s arm, but ended up pressing it against her arm and like a reverse sucking. I was so embarrassed and just apologised. I thought I’d blown it. But I could see a look in her eye that told me she did like me and that it didn’t matter, she’d understood what I was trying to do.

I got my sheet and there were about 6 questions and we hat to put a tick or a square for each one. The more squares you got, the better. However, under Jenny’s name only the first box was there and I couldn’t fill out the other questions.

I took it to my mom, who had devised the sheets. She explained that it was just the way it was and Jenny had been grouped with some others. I got upset and started crying because I so desperately wanted to put lots of squares on it and get another date. In the end, I drew boxes on for the other questions.

The questions had nothing to do with the date. One question was “How would your date fair in a fight with Batman?” so I put that “Her character, Wednesday would put up a good fight.”

By this point, everyone had gone off, so I was on my own and would have to wait until later to find out the results.

Sadly I woke up before this happened.

Back in the dream, I went looking for Jenny but couldn’t find her. Then I remembered she liked to hide in well hidden places, like in a giant indoor playground the school had. I went to find her and found her at the top hidden inside a ball pit, now as Wednesday. I was happy to see her, but when we turned to leave, the room had started to flood. She tried to climb out but hurt her foot. I carried her and managed to climb up higher, above some lifeboats. She said something like “Let’s hope we don’t lose our breath before I can meet your mother” and I replied something like “Or I keep mine before I meet your father.” And then added “I thought that was funnier and would get a laugh.”

We got as high as it was possible to go and watched the water rising. Then suddenly there was a voice and the water stopped, then quickly went back down. Someone had found it and opened a door to let the water out. We were saved. I carried her back down to the bottom.