The people in white coats

Lee and I went to a show that I’d quickly booked up as a surprise. I think it was a rock band. While we were there, I overheard Lee talking to his mate next to him about how his recent holiday was ruined by finding out one of his other friends was depressed and had a gambling addiction.

A while later, Lee turned to me and asked if I was okay. I said I wasn’t; I was sad because I’d heard what his friend had said. We left the show and went to our hotel room. Lee gave me his phone and showed me the diary he’d written on the holiday.

I read it and it explained about his one friend, who was very depressed and had a gambling addiction, and another friend called Matthew who had been made homeless.

I was quite upset by it, but I remembered I’d left Zeta at home alone. I went home and text Lee to tell him where I’d gone. I said I’d left some sweets on the table, but autocorrect changed it all and it didn’t make any sense.

I took Zeta out into the garden so she could go to the toilet and Lee and Mother were there with our old dog Lexie. She’d come back from the dead briefly to see us. We fussed her and walked her round a bit on her lead, then she went inside and we never saw her again.

I think there was another bit here with Grandad telling me a story, but I can’t remember it.

In the next part of the dream, Lee, mother and I were outside a shop with a bunch of homeless people. A van had given them food and drink, and given me a ham sandwich. I stayed by the homeless men and listened to them while I ate. When they finished, they got up and ran off.

Once I’d finished, I noticed a van coming round the corner. On the side it had a logo for a cleaning company. They were coming to capture us and ‘clean the streets’.

Lee, mother and I ran down the road. It was late and dark. There weren’t many people around and we didn’t feel safe, so we headed into town. Mother asked which way and I said through the bullring as it was the closest way with people.

We went into the bullring and headed for the escalator. I told them if we got split up we’d meet at the entrance. Just as I said it, three people in white PVC coats came up the escalator. I instinctively knew they were coming for us, so I let Lee go down the escalator and told mother to run.

We all ran. Lee was being chased by a guy with black hair, mother by a woman with brown hair and me by a blonde woman. I pointed out I’d got the best looking one, even if she was a bit old.

I did quite a good job of evading her, going up and down escalators and manoeuvring between people. At one point she was running at me, so I ran toward a wall and stopped a split second before I hit it. I ducked and she ran straight into the wall and collapsed.

Meanwhile, Mother had lost her woman and Lee had suddenly turned into Hawkeye and was interrogating his man.

Then I woke up

In the next dream, part of a road had been destroyed, so the Riddler and the Penguin were helping me and some others build a ramp so that cars could drive over it.

Someone showed us how to make one out of extendable tubes (like the kind on a vacuum cleaner) and then left. I had to recreate it before the policeman came to look at it. My friend Suzanne was timing me. I didn’t do it in time, but we somehow managed to reverse time and after a few attempts I did it.

The policeman came and tested it with a toy car and he was happy.

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