The piano lesson

I was in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Mike and I realised I had my first piano lesson since lockdown. Mike decided we should get a taxi, only I didn’t know the way by taxi.

I couldn’t remember the name of the road and after ages of driving around and looking it up on my phone, I eventually found it.

I tried to tell the driver, but my top lip swelled up. I showed Mike and he told the driver. I explained to Mike that this was a dream, because this only ever happens in my dreams.

A woman invited me in and I sat and waited in the living room. She then called me to go upstairs to the piano tutor. The woman asked if I had my sheet music and I said no. “To be honest, I’d forgotten I even had sheet music, I haven’t practiced at all since my last lesson.”

She said it was okay, everyone forgot their sheet music. She gave me some she had and I went upstairs. I asked if I should take my trainers off and she said yes, although I’d already made wet footprints from the rain.

The piano tutor was an older woman (like my former piano tutor in real life) and was busy doing something, so I went over to the piano and tried to play what I’d been given. It wasn’t too hard and I got it after a while, because I realised it sounded like Grieg’s piano concerto, and I knew how that went.

The piano tutor was ready and asked if I’d been practicing. I admitted I hadn’t and told her I’d been playing more contemporary music. I played her a bit of The Long And Winding Road to show her.

Later in the dream, I was with some woman in some pocket dimension world. We were running along a long street to get somewhere. The woman said once she had the weapon she would rule the world and make me her slave. I didn’t like the sound of that, so I tripped her up. I kicked her to wound her a bit and then a stampede of women with pushchairs ran her over. I left her there and carried on to get the weapon and destroy it.

There was also a bit where I watched a deleted scene from Doctor Who in which Missy made a ‘paraphone’ for the Doctor that enabled him to make phone calls that would otherwise be classed as paradoxes.

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