The Scary Stamps

Had a dream in which Goodwin and I went to see a new animated Aladdin film. I can’t remember much about it, but there was an owl and a golden bird (the latter had replaced Aladdin’s previous pet who was killed in a previous film). Aladdin’s city was currently under dictatorship from an evil ruler.

Sadly, the film was stopped half way through and we all had to leave. I remarked to Goodwin about a kid who kept laughing really loud behind us, but he’d laugh for so long that I couldn’t hear the next joke.

We decided to ask a woman who worked there what was happening. I asked Goodwin if he was going to ask or if he wanted me to. He said he would, but I said I’d like to try (because I’m not very good at things like that, so it’d be good for me) but in the end we both asked. She was quite confused, but went off to find out.

I then bumped into a kid from school called Craig McGee. We had a chat and then I practiced some karate moves on him. I realised I was hurting him so apologised and said I didn’t want to be a bully and hurt him. He later hit me in the mouth and chipped one of my teeth. There was a bit scraped off the front and bits were dangling off like strands of hair.

We never did find out why they’d stopped the film.

In the next part of the dream, I lived in a flat and Laura had come round. She was a little wary and I was still making dinner, so she helped. We put some old Doctor Who on the TV. She said she never knew whether to catch up on old or new Doctor Who, so I said with the old ones you could put it on in the background and if you liked the look of it then you could properly watch it.

After dinner we washed up and then sat down to play some games. Before that, I had some postcards to send and she agreed to help me stamp them up. I had 2 A4 sheets of Doctor Who stamps, including the Thirteenth Doctor. I suggested a Tenth Doctor stamp for the first postcard, but she said she didn’t like the Tenth Doctor. I said “Finally! I’ve been waiting ages to meet someone who thought that too.”

The final stamp we put on was a Cyberman. However, as I picked it up I noticed it looked exactly like a Cyberman head I had on top of a bookshelf in the opposite corner of the room. It was at the same angle and everything. I showed Laura and she agreed it was odd. But then, the page turned as if the stamp were looking at the Cyberman. Then it span back round and stared at me. This made me scream.

The paper continued to move, but then I noticed Laura was holding it. She’d swapped hands and her arm was covered by her coat draped over her arm and leg. I calmed down and told her I knew it was her. She said “Ah, so now you know I finish the trick with it in this hand.”

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