The Software Solutions

I had a dream last night that Mak, Mike and I were working for a man called Frank, who, in real life, is the financial director of one of our clients.

Our job on the day of the dream was to find him a new piece of software to use. He’d downloaded a number of programs and we had to test them and create a document showing how to use them and what they were for. The ones I remember were:

  • ExGen
  • Intercell
  • C Creative
  • Tiger

I remember tiger because the documentation which I did for that one in the dream was just a photo of a tiger. That was pretty much all I remember of the dream. I think we got most of the work done, but he hadn’t returned by the time I awoke. Since the dream, I have looked the four names up to see if they are actually computer programs.

ExGen is a real program used for making special effects in games. Intercell is a computer cable management system. C Creative is a design team and there is actually a piece of software called Tiger. So overall, my brain got 2 out of 4 names right. Not bad eh.

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