The Tall Man

The tall man was, as his name suggests, a very tall man.

So tall in fact that nobody had ever seen his face.
One pilot swore he saw his face once, but as it turned out he had actually flown into Mt. Rushmore.

Nobody knew the Tall Man’s real name.
They never bothered to ask.
If somebody was to look up and shout “Would you like a barrel of tea?” then it’s pretty obvious who they are talking to.

He spoke to the people through a long tube that he built out of several slightly shorter tubes.
This does cause his voice to become very distorted, so people can never understand if he wants a barrel of tea or a burnt photo of a 1960s deckchair.

He lives in a series of one story skyscrapers, originally built for his father but handed up to him.

He does not wear clothes for two reasons.
Firstly nobody has ever seen higher than his legs, and secondly because no tailor has the material to make a sock big enough.

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